An open letter about Celebration to hard times

When we were making all our plans for this month, we never thought that we'd have to consider a virus that would make the city, state, and country basically shut down. We are broken-hearted and shattered, to say the least.

We do need some help. We are the truest definition of Mom and Pop shop. Chris, Mandy, Justin, and Caleb, we are all one family unit. We love what we do, serving you. But if we can't clean those cars, we can't pay the bills. We are asking you, our extended family to do a few things that could help us through.

1. Please give us a review, I know it sounds crazy but it really does help whatever we do to survive, to be seen. Review us now on Google or Facebook

2. Like us on Facebook or Instagram and share our latest deals. Selling gift certificates may be one of the only ways we make it through.

3. We are a Disinfecting Detail company! As of right now (maybe not for long), we are still open, there are several people who need our services. Our Ceramic Pro - Tag and Ozone treatments are useful to combat bacteria and viruses. The certificates for those are available now for purchase in our store. Although we specialize in autos these treatments are also useful in homes (call if interested in talking about that.)

We look forward to continuing our celebration into April and May if need be. We are planning a big celebration to happen on one, sunny, great, Saturday. We hope to see many of you then.

We know we will be fine. We know that as a country and community, we have seen far worse. Mandy's grandfather recently sat and told us all about his experience through the Great Depression and the dust bowl, all of which he survived alongside, and with the support of the great Arvada community (yes, our roots here go back that far.) We will do the same with this virus. We will rise together as a community and show the best about each other on our way to recovery.

Thank you again for everything you can do to help.

Chris, Mandy, Justin, and Caleb