What do we mean by a "Disinfecting Detailing Company"?

Vehicle Interior Cleaning, Sanitizing and Protection Services

What is Ceramic Pro TAG?
Ceramic Pro TAG is a photocatalyst coating that once applied to a surface bonds to the substrate and when exposed to UV light continues to neutralize and kill bacteria and viruses for up to 6 months.

Today’s top priority is staying clean and healthy and protecting the wellbeing of those that we love most. Hand sanitizer is all but sold out and you’ve all probably washed your hands a dozen times today at least. But, did you know that most vehicles contain 700 different types of bacteria?

Our specialized service goes far beyond your normal deep cleaning. We use industrial steam cleaners, ozone machines and Ceramic Pro TAG to neutralize and protect long term.

Our Interior Detail, Sanitization and Protection Process:

Vacuum all surfaces,Compressed air clean all cracks and crevices, Hot water carpet extraction, Remove all dirt and grime using a mid PH cleaner.

Sanitize all surfaces using alcohol and surfactants, Neutralize all surfaces using industrial steam cleaner, Suffocate bacteria and viruses with Ozone Generator machine

Coat all at risk surfaces with Ceramic Pro Tag Photocatalytic Coating that continues to kill viruses and bacteria for up to 6 months.

Ceramic Pro TAG and 60 min Ozone Treatment $199
Complete Interior with Sanitation and Protection package $190-390 (depending on size and condition)