A great way to get to know our company. Our basic maintainence upkeep package. Designed to clean and prepare your vehicle to meet the elements of our seasons. Recommended every 3 to 6 months.
--Delicate hand wash (two bucket method) - Advanced wheel cleaning and tire conditioning - Hydro-bonding spray wax (approx. 3mo protection) - Door jam wipe-down - thorough vacuuming of interior - Cleaning of all leather, vinyl, and plastic pieces - interior and exterior glass cleaning


A deeper clean designed with the Colorado lifestyle in mind. The perfect package for the avid outdoorsman or those with child or pet passengers. Recommended before and after the winter season, every 6 months.
--Everything that is involved with our Essential plus... - Sealant Protection (approx. 6 months of protection) - Steam extraction of carpet, floor mats, and upholstery - leather conditioning treatment (on leather seats)


Our deepest clean and the brightest shine. Have your vehicle looking its best for the time it’s seen the most. Recommended before the summer season, every year.
--Everything that is involved with our Essential and Classic plus... - Careful underhood cleaning and dressing - Exterior deep soak - Clay treatment - Scratch and swirl removal polish - Short Ozone treatment

Headlight Restoration

Treat your loved one (or yourself) to a renewal of hazy, yellowed, and clouded headlights to improve visibility and boost each roadster's aesthetic appeal.

We will have more on our tint and vinyl services soon. Please feel free to contact our office for more information in the meantime.

Ozone Air Treatment

Ozone exists in the ozone layer region of the atmosphere to protect human beings from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. We also sense its fresh and clean smell after thunderstorms. Now we can move nature's powerful sterilizer into your car. When odors, bacteria or viruses meet ozone, oxidation reactions occur and both parties are destroyed. Ozone essentially reverts back to oxygen, which makes it environment friendly. You don't have to go out for some fresh air. Just enjoy your clean air.

Engine Steam Clean

Make your mechanic your friend. Decrease the heat in the bay by removing oil and dirt build up.

Paint correction

Paint correction is the process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle, mostly through the elimination of surface imperfections, that dull, oxidize, or haze the surface by reflecting light off in various directions, therefore detracting from a true and proper, clean, sharp, reflection. These imperfections include things like swirl marks & fine scratches, bird dropping etching & acid rain etching, hologramming & buffer trails, and random isolated deep scratches (or RIDS).
We start with a decontamination bath, to get rid of any existing soap or wax residue. Then, a clay-barring to remove any environmental contaminations. A skilled technician will then begin the buff and polish process.

What is Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro is a clear, liquid nanoceramic coating that can be applied in multiple layers. After complete polymerization the solutions on the surface will transform into a permanent durable but flexible glass shield. Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coating with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties.

Why should I use Caramic Pro on my vehicle?

Permanent Bond!In Comparison to other surface protection products on the market Ceramic Pro 9H forms a permanent bond with the clear coating and does not delaminate. Once Ceramic Pro 9H has polymerized it can NOT be removed by any chemicals. The only way it can be removed is by machine polishing.
Self-Cleaning Effect, Less Maintenance! The smoothness of coated surfaces does not allow dirt, break dust and tar to stick to your car's paint, wheels or glass. This allows washing your vehicle with less effort and frequency. Waxing is now obsolete.
Reasonable Investment! The coating will protect the vehicle's exterior and interior from deteriorating for a lifetime. The resale market value will therefore be substantially higher!
Stay new! Permanently!Once the coating is applied you will see a mirror effect, glossiness and color depth incomparable to anything else! With proper maintenance your car’s finish will shine for many years to come.

Sport Package

Our sport package is a great way to get acclimated with the world of nano-ceramic coatings. Sport is a light hydrophobic formula designed for maintenance of 9H and also fights waterspots, debris, and acts as a paint sealer. Includes: - Surface Decon - Claybar - Polish - 1 Layer Sport on All Painted Surfaces - 1 Layer Rain on Windshield - 1 Year Ceramic Pro Warranty

Bronze Package

The bronze package is a step above our sport package and is equipped with Ceramic Pro Light instead of Sport for a longer lasting hydrophobic effect and also includes paint correction. Includes: - Surface Decon - Paint Correction - 1 Layer Light on All Painted Surfaces - 1 Layer Rain on Windshield - 1 Layer Wheel & Caliper on Wheel Faces - 2 Year Ceramic Pro Warranty

Silver Package

Silver package begins the introduction of Ceramic Pro’s flagship product, Ceramic Pro 9H. The 9H serves as a permanent sacrificial secondary clear coat which serves to protect the paint finish from scratches, swirls, and contaminants.Includes: - Surface Decon - Paint Correction - 1 Layer 9H on All Painted Surfaces - 1 Layer Light on All Painted Surfaces - 1 Layer Rain on Windshield - 1 Layer Wheel & Caliper on Wheel Faces - 5 Year Ceramic Pro Warranty

Gold Package

The Gold Package is designed for the daily driver, or someone who is looking for maintenance free permanent protection. Includes: - Surface Decon - Paint Correction - 4 Layers 9H on All Painted Surfaces - 1 Layer Light on All Painted Surfaces - 1 Layer Rain on Windshield - 1 Layer Wheel & Caliper on Wheel Faces - Lifetime Ceramic Pro Warranty
The slickness of the coated surface doesn’t allow dirt, break dust and tar to stick to your car’s paint, wheels or glass. This makes washing your vehicle less labor intensive and less frequent. Waxing is now obsolete.